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Share Wars About In a galaxy not so far, far away

It is a period of disruption. Rebel entrepreneurs, armed with smartphones and grit, are dismantling decades of regulations and upsetting the old economic order. Pursued by the Empire’s sinister regulators, these rebels race to build a new economy based on the principles of individual freedom, cooperation, and innovation...

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Episode VII

Uber Shoots First

Luke and Obi-Wan must join forces on a daring mission to catch an Uber and get the hell out of Tatooine. Stuck in space cab territory, they seek the help of a rebel pilot named Han Solo and his loyal dog Chewie. Will they get out of Tatooine alive, or will they be stuck drinking lukewarm beer in this sandy dump forever?


Where do you stand?

Ridesharing didn’t just disrupt the taxi business, it completely overturned it. Apps like Uber and Lyft make it easy to find a ride when and where you need it, but cab companies are pushing local governments to ban ridesharing citing safety concerns.

Do you think Uber should be banned where you live?

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Episode VIII

Who’s Your Daddy?

In the galactic battle of the century, Luke must face off against his own father, Darth Vader, to prove once and for all that the Force of Innovation is within him. Will Luke follow his dreams and get a five star rating or will he end up selling out for a 9 to 5 at the Empire’s IT department?


Where do you stand?

Innovation software technologies have transformed entrepreneurship by making information easily accessible. With a click, you can learn new skills, receive feedback from a community of experts, or launch a prototype. But regulators argue that innovative business models need more rules and restrictions.

Should new technologies be free from government regulation?

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Episode IX

Chillin’ With Han

After launching a successful Kickstarter campaign, Lando is closer than ever to getting his business off the ground. But there’s a catch. What will happen when his top donor starts taking things a bit too… literally?


Where do you stand?

Instead of relying on traditional bank loans, entrepreneurs are using platforms like Kickstarter and Indiegogo to crowdfund their companies. This micro-financing model has launched thousands of projects, from Oculus to the Veronica Mars Film, but it’s also largely unregulated.

Do you think crowdfunding platforms are a good way to fund new ideas?

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Episode X

Destruction Delays

Already the most expensive public works project in the history of the galaxy, the Death Star is still 40 years from completion. Plagued by overruns and delayed by an Imperial Union strike, the Death Star is bankrupting the Imperial Reserve Bank. More importantly, it’s ruining Darth Vader’s day. What will happen when he goes head to head with Admiral Motti?


Where do you stand?

Unions were established to protect workers, giving them a voice to lobby for benefits, rights, and fair pay, but many unions have become bloated and inefficient, and members may not have the opportunity to opt out.

Should employees be forced to join a union even if they don't agree with their union's political positions?

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Episode XI

Alderaan Places

Luke Skywalker is on his way to being a full-fledged code grenade when he gains entry into the illustrious Jedi University. Yet, reality checks in quickly when he realizes coding classes are being pushed aside for pre-requisites including old school push ups and vine climbing. Will Luke decide a degree is worth it or go rogue and use the force of Innovation to forge his own path?


Where do you stand?

More and more institutions including General Assembly, Codeacademy, and major universities are creating online platforms where you can learn skills outside of the classroom. These online learning academies are giving students options for when and what they want to learn and helping to turn hobbies into full time jobs.

Have you ever used online platforms to expand your education?

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Episode XII

Get a Room

There’s only one thing Anakin loves more than Padme: hot hotel deals. With spring break in full swing, will Padme be able to convince Anakin to embrace innovation and book an Airbnb?


Where do you stand?

NYC, San Fran, and Paris have all passed regulations restricting home sharing for companies like Airbnb and Homeaway. These popular apps give travelers more options and lower rates, and give homeowners the ability to rent out their properties. Now cities and hotels are fighting back, claiming they ignore safety regulations and put guests at risk.

Should homeowners have the right to rent out their own homes?

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